Welcome to Found-it!

Hello and welcome to this small social experiment.

I, like many people, bounce around you-tube and find all kinds of things that I think are interesting, and groovy.

What I find the most amazing about you-tube is the amount of music that goes on on there, by some very, very talented people, many of whome could do with some signal-boosting so that others who might appreciate their music can hear it.

So, this blog is aimed at them. The small/new/independent acts, or lesser known signed acts. They don’t need to be singing new songs, but doing music in a different and innovative way.

This does not mean, however, that I’m not going to post the occasional Ok-Go video etcetera, because lets face it, those vidos rock.

I will, most likely, brake these rules as I see fit, and probably come back and change the rules when I find that I’ve broken them so repeatedly as they have no value, but hopefully along the way, I will share some pretty amazing talent, and a few of those hidden voices will get to sing out loud, and strong.




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