Tom Smith, Geek Folk Singer

Tom Smith is one of those people who’s hard to classify, so I’m going to go with “Geek Folk Singer”.

Like most people, this video about a Shoggoth first got my attention as it floated around social media around 3 years ago:

What I was surprised to find, when I went back a few years later, was that there was a whole host of videos that you can get from Tom Smith, all of which shot at conventions. The video that I wanted to share with you, amongst some of the other videos by Tom Smith is this video to a popular tune:

I love the folksy-geeky fusion in these songs. These are not, of course, all he has on you-tube but his channel is depressingly devoid of his own stuff (and has not been updated in years at the time of writing). You can, however, find some free mp3’s on his website: