Found-It Classic : Jasper Carrot

The wonderful thing about you-tube is that it is full of music that you really want to be able to hear again and again. Some of it was made before there was even an internet to upload it to. Fan favorites, and golden-oldies.

So, in keeping with the mission of this blog, which is to bring music to the masses, this is a new feature post, Found-It Classic, where we at Found-It share with you the music that you probably didn’t know existed from the past.

We’re kicking this feature off with an unlikely number one, Funky Moped by Jasper Carrot.

If your wondering to yourself why it is that this song made number one, it’s because of the B-Side, which as was often the case in the 70’s, is what everyone really bought the single for.

If you’ve never heard it, your in for a treat. Here is Jasper Carrot’s script for the Magic Roundabout. It may be a little old for some of our youngest readers, but if you’ve seen the recent film, it’s still quite funny. (This contains a little bit of adult humour)

I should point out that some of the jokes are now dated. When he says “It’s all over the canteen”, Carrot was referring to the BBC Canteen, which was accused of being a massive rumour-mill.