Patreon : Support your favourite artists!

We here at found it! are strong supporters of the independent artists. We have also found that it’s difficult to directly support an artist withour own, hard-earned cash. This is doubly true if the artists don’t have an album that we can download, or have other ways of giving them money as a thank-you for their work.

This is where Patreon comes in.

The idea behind this website is that content creators, bloggers, cartoon writers, and all sundry of content creators can get paid for their work uploading things to the internet.

For each piece of content created, you can choose to give them an amount, ranging from $1 USD upwards. You then set a monthly maximum, if your particular artist is particularly proliffic this means you will never pay more than you can afford to give.

In return, you get all the usuall features you’d expect, such as early access to videos, exclusive videos, sheet music, hang-outs, and a whole range of other useful goodies.

We here at found it! strongly support this idea, and so we would recommend to both content creators, and content users to check out this handy site.

If you do use it, and are a content creator, please get in touch and share your experience.


~Found-It Team