Pentatonix : Accapella for a modern age

Some of you may have heard of The Flying Pickets, a group who uses no instruments other than their voices (and the occasional bit of microphone magic). This style of music has always been a favourite of some of our searchers here at Found-It, and it’s no surprise that today we are introducing a group called Pentatonix.

Here is their mash-up of Daft-Punk tunes. Remember, there is no computer here, just voices.

Of course, it’s too easy in that one to think that perhaps they using a bit too much microphone magic, so here, for your edification, is what they call a “fun” perfomance, where they basically jam together with nothing but a mircrophone for recording.

Here’s their cover of Maroon 5’s Payphone

All those backing sounds you can hear are made by the group. Play close attention to the two at the bottom, and the way in which the sound is folder together.

They are unsurprisingly on ITunes
Their YouTube Channel, which is worth loosing some hours in watching is here.