Gardiner Sister : New American Music, with a mellow sound

The Gardiner are 3 sisters who, like all sibling singing groups, produce the kind of amazing harmonies that science tells us can only be done when they are all gifted with a singing voice. The three sisters are Hailey, Allie, and Mandi.

They are busily working their way towards a career, and I can’t imagine that it won’t be long before they get snapped up by a record company, so before they do, you heard it here folks!

Here is their original song “Make You Love Me”

They have also got quite a few other songs ont their channel, as ever, there is a link below. There’s a long selection of songs that they have written themselves, and they are totally worth checking out. They are difficult to choose between.

We’d recommend you check out their orginal songs here :

Their website can be found here:

And of course, there is the usuall selection of access through facebook, and twitter.

Their channel, as ever, can be found here.

Seriously, Enjoy!



We try to keep the number of video’s per artist to the same number (2) for all kinds of reasons, but mostly for fairness, but we couldn’t let this one pass you by. Here’s one of their 10 year old sister, Lindsey, who co-wrote and co-sung this song.