Shuffle – Supporting VH1 Save The Music

If you live in the USA, you will know that as a result of the economic squeeze, there’s a cut in free music programs in schools. VH1 Save The Music is seeking to reverse that trend by donating 100% of an album to the charity. The Album is available for free, or as much as you’d like to donate.

I found out about this program after watching this video from Key Of Awesome (who have disabled embedding, so on some browsers/platforms, you may have to click the link):

The song was sent to me as a parody behind the idea of this blog, but at the end of is a plug for Shuffle.
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Not Litterally – Talented Duet with an obsession

Not Litterally productions have a bit of an obsession : Harry Potter. It has begun recently to expand towards other things, but it is Harry Potter that definately brought them to my attention. This rather catchy version of “Born This Way” will endear itself to fans everywhere.

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Welcome to Found-it!

Hello and welcome to this small social experiment.

I, like many people, bounce around you-tube and find all kinds of things that I think are interesting, and groovy.

What I find the most amazing about you-tube is the amount of music that goes on on there, by some very, very talented people, many of whome could do with some signal-boosting so that others who might appreciate their music can hear it.

So, this blog is aimed at them. The small/new/independent acts, or lesser known signed acts. They don’t need to be singing new songs, but doing music in a different and innovative way.

This does not mean, however, that I’m not going to post the occasional Ok-Go video etcetera, because lets face it, those vidos rock.

I will, most likely, brake these rules as I see fit, and probably come back and change the rules when I find that I’ve broken them so repeatedly as they have no value, but hopefully along the way, I will share some pretty amazing talent, and a few of those hidden voices will get to sing out loud, and strong.