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Artists who are doing covers that are new and inovative. Generally, the covers must be somethind done in an usual or obviously impressive way.

Pomplamoose : Groovy Music.

Pomplamoose are a couple making music in a style that you’ve probably never heard before. It’s a relaxed style, with a dreamy combination of voice and music. To be honest, there’s no real way to describe this music other than to listen to it.

They do both covers, and their own music, in their own indubitable style.

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Pentatonix : Accapella for a modern age

Some of you may have heard of The Flying Pickets, a group who uses no instruments other than their voices (and the occasional bit of microphone magic). This style of music has always been a favourite of some of our searchers here at Found-It, and it’s no surprise that today we are introducing a group called Pentatonix.

Here is their mash-up of Daft-Punk tunes. Remember, there is no computer here, just voices.

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Fredde Gredde – Guitar Player and singer

Fredde Gredde is a talented musician who came to our attention through doing these rather interesting medleys.

Here he is with a medley that is a rather toungue-in-cheek approach to the games that most of us grew up playing. He’s put lyrics to the theme tunes from those games. Check this out, it’s rather… different.

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