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Music that is made and created by an artist, generally as their primary, or at least alongside their cover-work.

SOKO Singer/Songwriter

SOKO scrapes into Found-It, despite having a hit single. SOKO is still an independent artist, and still trying to make her way in the world. We at Found-It were captivated by her music, and her strong lyrics. SOKO is not afraid to explore her music, or indeed to perform in her own videos. Some of her stuff is quite strong. We advice listening with caution, she deals with material that is quite emotionally strong.

We have chosen two videos that are both quite difficult and challenging. Parental Guidance is recommended in watching these videos.

This her video of Destruction of the Disgusting Ugly Hate. Parts of this video may be Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

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Passenger : British Folk Rock Singer

Passenger is the stage name of Michael David Rosenberg, now a solo artist since the band Passenger dissolved in 2009.

Since then Passenger has kept on making music, playing to venues up and down the UK. His lyrics are smooth and poinient, which coupled with his unique voice makes these tracks something that stick.

Here’s “Little Lights”

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AWOLNATION : Electronic Rock

AWOLNATION is a band that is predominantly focused around their lead singer, Aaron Bruno. They are also the first featured band that, at the time of going to press, was actually signed to a label, Red Bull.

They make it onto Found-It because of their distinctive sound and musicality. They are also not a band that we at Found-It had heard of, and their style is new and unique.

To see what we mean, check out their video “Sail”

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Pomplamoose : Groovy Music.

Pomplamoose are a couple making music in a style that you’ve probably never heard before. It’s a relaxed style, with a dreamy combination of voice and music. To be honest, there’s no real way to describe this music other than to listen to it.

They do both covers, and their own music, in their own indubitable style.

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Gardiner Sister : New American Music, with a mellow sound

The Gardiner are 3 sisters who, like all sibling singing groups, produce the kind of amazing harmonies that science tells us can only be done when they are all gifted with a singing voice. The three sisters are Hailey, Allie, and Mandi.

They are busily working their way towards a career, and I can’t imagine that it won’t be long before they get snapped up by a record company, so before they do, you heard it here folks!

Here is their original song “Make You Love Me”

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Jet Tangerine – Colourful Hair, Colourful Music

One of the pleasures of this blog is finding talent where they are obviously the next big thing, ideally before they’ve actually made it. One of those that’s most definitely in need of watching is Jet Tangerine.

Unlike many of the others featured on here, she’s one of the few that offers a large number of music that she’s written herself.

Here is the rather mellow “If I could Choose You”

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